Ronny Takes a Corner Seat for Boxer-Fighter, Ana Julaton

Ronny took an exciting trip to the Philippines last week where he worked as a corner man for his fellow athlete and friend, Ana Julaton.  Julaton, a Filipino-American boxer and fighter, emerged as the victor in her mixed martial arts (MMA) debut this past Friday.

The two athletes have forged a bond over the course of the past year during which Ronny has visited Julaton’s training facilities and attended some of her key match ups.   After Friday night’s win, Ronny shared his excitement via Instagram saying “What a Night…! What thriller…! Wow… Priceless Memories… You are a True Champion @anajulaton… Glad to have you as my friend and inspiration…!”

It would appear the feeling is mutual.  After the match, Julaton commented to, “This guy’s all heart… one thing that Ronny brings in is a lot of perspective, I really appreciate that.”

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Ronny Video Bombs Kevin Love

A Fraternity of the Heart: Charlotte Observer Feature

There are but a few select NBA players that qualify to join the “Fraternity of the Heart”, as coined by Charlotte Observer writer, Jon Krawczynski.   While membership is not desirable — in order to qualify you must face open-heart surgery — once a member, the support of this brotherhood is difficult even to put in words.

“It’s definitely a brotherhood,” said Ronny Turiaf. “It’s something that’s hard to put into words. We don’t have to talk all the time. But when those instances happen, we talked, each and every one of us, some way, somehow, was linked with the other. And whenever we see each other, it’s like, we made it.”

Chris Wilcox, Etan Thomas, Fred Hoiberg, Ronny Turiaf, Jeff Green, Channing Frye all carry the signature mark of a the club — a zipper like scar on their chest.   As such, Hoiberg affectionately refers to the clan as the “Zipper Brothers”.   The growing group was recently featured in the Charlotte Observer.   Read the full article here.

American Heart Month: 2014

STUDIIYO23 Meet and Greet

STUDIIYO23 Meet and Greet

Ronny enjoyed hanging out with new friends at the STUDIIYO23 meet greet this week in Minneapolis.  Check out the photo gallery here.

Timberwolves FitMonth

In addition to being Heart Health Awareness month, the Minnesota Wolves have deemed February to be FitMonth.   Teammates Ronny Turiaf and Robbie Hummel took the mission to the community this past week when they participated in a fit clinic at the YMCA.  The two forwards led a group of enthusiastic children in fitness and health activities designed to share the benefits of exercise and the importance of being mentally and physically fit.