Ronny Unveils His First Empowerment Center

In a small celebration yesterday in South Los Angeles, Ronny Turiaf and select guests celebrated the unveiling of the first Empowerment Center of the Ronny Turiaf Heart to Heart Foundation.    Ronny was joined by distinguished guests including Marquecce Harris-Dawson (President and CEO of Community Coalition), Lawrence Jackson, Nicole Jones (Chair, American Heart Association – Los Angeles Division), Sasha Vujacic, Rene Williams (Director of Global Marketing – Heartsine), Ryan Hollins, and Luke Walton

The unique center, located at the Community Coalition, aims to be a place where kids, teens and young adults can go to engage in positive activities, learn leadership skills, study, and learn about healthy living, nutrition and heart health.  The center will encourage kids and teens to interact with one another and create relationships that are free of racism and discrimination.

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Unveil Empowerment Center

On Wednesday, June 25th, former Laker and current Minnesota Timberwolves, Ronny Turiaf, through his Heart to Heart Foundation, will unveil a local Empowerment Center at the Community Coalition Center in South Los Angeles.

 Ronny Turiaf through his Heart to Heart Foundation is committed to creating a platform for the success of others. He understands the value of being a professional athlete and responsibility that comes with it. As such, he is committed to not only giving back to the community but also creating a legacy that carries on and inspires others. He has made a commitment to create a number of Empowerment Centers and is excited to reveal the very first one in Los Angeles. There will be two more opened up this year.

The goal is to create a place where kids, teens and young adults can go to engage in positive activities, learn leadership skills, study, and learn about healthy living, nutrition and heart health. This center is a place where we are encouraging kids and teens to interact with one another and create relationships that are free of racism and discrimination. We are making an effort to educate and end the ignorance of racism.

The Ribbon Cutting & Program will begin at 11:00am at 8101 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90044. Emceed by VH1 Actress & Celebrity Host Jessica Kinni, there will be a number of guest speakers including a representative from the Community Coalition, the American Heart Association, & Ronny Turiaf. With students and teens in attendance, Ronny will speak about his journey as well as his faith in believing in your dreams. By pouring into our youth we are creating leaders of tomorrow.

France National Team

Today, France won 3-0. What a performance. This World Cup is the first time where I don’t personally have a close friend on the national and to be honest it is kinda weird. I have always had the extra connection to the national team. Oh well. I hope that we can keep carrying on performance like this and go a far as possible. #WorldCup #Benzema is carrying the team and showing growth and #leaderShip qualities.

Good luck French Team… Allez les Bleus

Challenge for Children’s Charity Paintball Tournament

Every year hundreds of players participate in a mission-based Big Game at MN Pro Paintball to raise money for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Ronny rallied with the teams this year for a cause near and dear to his heart — fostering greater care and medical breakthroughs for children with heart trouble. The Charity was started by Matt Ames, a fellow surviver of several open heart surgeries. Matt was born with levo-transposition of the greater arteries a a single ventricle. Six years ago, he received his second pacemaker he decided he wanted to give back. As the owner of MN Pro Paintball, he created this Charity Paintball tournament which, to date, has raised over $270,000 for the Cardiac Unit at Children’s Hospital.

A Fraternity of the Heart: Charlotte Observer Feature

There are but a few select NBA players that qualify to join the “Fraternity of the Heart”, as coined by Charlotte Observer writer, Jon Krawczynski.   While membership is not desirable — in order to qualify you must face open-heart surgery — once a member, the support of this brotherhood is difficult even to put in words.

“It’s definitely a brotherhood,” said Ronny Turiaf. “It’s something that’s hard to put into words. We don’t have to talk all the time. But when those instances happen, we talked, each and every one of us, some way, somehow, was linked with the other. And whenever we see each other, it’s like, we made it.”

Chris Wilcox, Etan Thomas, Fred Hoiberg, Ronny Turiaf, Jeff Green, Channing Frye all carry the signature mark of a the club — a zipper like scar on their chest.   As such, Hoiberg affectionately refers to the clan as the “Zipper Brothers”.   The growing group was recently featured in the Charlotte Observer.   Read the full article here.

Ronny Encourages Kids with Heart Challenges

Ronny Turiaf hosted a group of children, each affected with their own heart health challenges, for an evening of professional basketball fun earlier this week as the Timberwolves took to the court for a regular season game. In Ronny’s own words, “This February, it’s very important for me to give back for Heart month. We have kids. . . who basically all of them underwent some or are going through some heart problems, so it’s definitely important for me to invite them and show them that I underwent some heart problems and I am here healthy, ready to go, playing in the NBA, so I am just trying to give them some kind of encouragement. . . ”  The kids and their parents enjoyed a great evening of basketball topped off by a meet and greet with Ronny himself.


Camp Odayin Attends RoboCop Screening

Ronny and the Special Guests from Camp Odayin

Ronny Turiaf and Ricky Rubio hosted a special screening of RoboCop last night in honor of National Heart Health Awareness Month.   Among the attendees were special guests from Camp Odayin, an organization committed to serving children with heart disease.   The evening was part of an ongoing campaign by Ronny’s Heart to Heart Foundation to spread heart health awareness and come to the aid of those in need of heart health-related medical services and treatment.