The Spokesman-Review Interviews Ronny Turiaf

Ronny was recently interviewed by The Spokesman-Review, a publication based in his college town:

Ronny Turiaf has a unique ability to give back while looking forward.

The Miami Heat recently concluded a grueling eight-game, 11-day stretch and the players finally had a day off earlier this week. Turiaf spent part of it talking about his latest project, joining teammate Dwyane Wade, NBA players Jeremy Lin and Chris Paul and others to help promote and raise funds for Prevent Child Abuse America’s 40th anniversary.

“I want to be remembered for more than basketball,” said Turiaf, who started his Heart to Heart Foundation in 2009 to provide medical care and health services to children in need. “I just feel like everyone can play a role in a healthy child’s development and I’m happy to use basketball as a platform to help others.”

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