Passion In Action

A year after the first act in Martinique in June 2011, Ronny Turiaf and Boris Elisabeth-Mesnager, co founders of Passion in Action in 2010, are working daily on their future projects – even during their respective seasons in Miami and in Bordeaux (France).

To establish a continuity in their action through their foundation is the purpose of Passion in Action, and it is driving them to work on it even 5000 miles apart. That desire grew inside our two globe-trotters throughout their different experiences across the world. They want to become the linking point between their generation and the next ones, and share with the youth of their home island that experience and strength acquired. Ever since their first dribble they have been waiting for this moment to come true,  and in June 2011 it felt like a dream coming to reality.

That event fed their motivation to make Passion in Action a part of Martinique’s landscape as far as developing programs to facilitate the exchange between locals and international inspiration.