Turiaf Dons Number 32 in Honor of His Bond with Fred Hoiberg

Ronny Turiaf and Fred Hoiberg share a common history that few would envy – an aortic aneurism.  The two NBA players both overcame surgery and the painful recovery process just four weeks apart in the summer of 2005.   When Hoiberg, who was the first of the two to discover his health condition, saw the news of Turiaf’s impending surgery, he called the fellow player to offer encouragement and help Ronny through the difficult process.   Over the course of the coming months, in Ronny’s own words, Hoiberg became almost a father figure.   Hoiberg was there through every step of Ronny’s surgery and recovery process.

“He told me what would happen right ahead of me,” said Turiaf. “Anytime I had a question, he was there for moral support.”

In honor of the special bond that the two share and the support Hoiberg offered Ronny during a difficult time, Ronny chose to wear the number 32, Hoiberg’s number, as he heads into his first season with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

When asked about the news, Hoiberg commented, “I was honored . . . It’s great to see him out there. I’m honored he’ll wear that number.”

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