Tai Chi

Traveling has brought me to many places in my lifetime and I’m thankful for the Opportunities. This trip in Taiwan with BasketBall without borders has been quite fun and enlightening. As I’m watching this Ivory Coast vs Japan soccer game right now, I find myself thinking about the Asian culture and martial arts. This morning I went for the 2nd day in a row to experience tai chi. What an experience. I went there with my 2 Japanese friends. So what a melting pot that was one carribean-French dude 2 Japanese dude mixed with the regular Taiwanese people. I’m so amazed by those “regular”, they come to this park every single day at 6am. And I’m glad I joined them. It take tremendous dedication and discipline to accomplish this feat. No wonder they experience this internal peace. They train their mind to it. On that note I’ll keep training my mind to love soccer. Back to the #WorldCup… Until next time… Blessings, Peace and Happiness… #OneLove