AED Training

As part of the Heart to Heart Foundation AED Program, Warriors Youth Basketball, Calvary Christian Academy and De La Salle have completed their extensive AED/CPR Training.
During the three hour training sessions, each school learned the proper techniques on how to administer CPR to save a life. They covered how to react in high pressured situations, who to contact if an incident happened and how to clear the area during an incident. The second part of the training was geared toward learning how to effectively and efficiently use and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Machine. Each participant learned how to couple their CPR training with the AED Training. In order to use the AED Machine, the area must first be clear just in case an electric shock needs to be administered. The participants learned step by step instructions on how to help a child vs. an adult.

After the rigourous training everyone received their AED and CPR certification card.
At this time, all 5 AED machines have been placed at the following schools/organizations: El Cerrito High School, Calvary Christian School (El Sobrante), De La Salle High School (Concord), Life Academy High School (Oakland) and Warriors Youth Basketball Camp.