CPR Anytime Training

As part of the Heart to Heart Foundation AED Program, El Cerrito High School completed their CPR Anytime Training session for 30 students on April 29th.

John Haynes with the American Heart Association helped facilitate the CPR Anytime session. During the training the students learned three major procedures; compressions, breathing and choking. Before doing any of this, they also learned what to do prior to giving CPR which is to check to see if the person is alert, call 911 and then CPR until a trained medical service arrives.

One interesting component is that most of the incidents in which CPR is needed is in the home. While the students watched the training video and practiced, they also helped each other so that they could properly get everything correct. After the session, each student was charged to go home and teach their families and friends which allows for them to reach more people and help save others.

Each student learned proper hand placement and how hard each compression should be. They practiced on the adult size. When doing CPR they should do 30 compressions and then give two breathes. When doing CPR find the rhythm for the compressions so that everything is consistent. Also if there is another person with them they can alternate when doing the 30 to two.

Each student learned how to properly tilt the person’s head so that when you give breathes the airway is open and never rest their hand on the neck area. They also learned that before they administer CPR to check three things: see if they can hear the person breathing, see if they can feel any air from their mouth or nose and to see if the chest is moving.

The students learned what the choking symbol was and how to help open the blocked airway. If a person is larger and they can’t wrap their arms around the body of the person they are helping, they can use a chair to lean them over and continue with the procedure.
At this time, all 5 AED machines have been placed at the following schools/organizations: El Cerrito High School, Calvary Christian School (El Sobrante), De La Salle High School (Concord), Life Academy High School (Oakland) and Warriors Youth Basketball Camp.